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Welcome to Your Airport

Akron-Canton Airport is a better way to go® — for you. Over the last 10 years, we’ve redesigned and updated your airport to better serve you and for you to have the best travel experience possible. What is there about CAK that’s so special?

Here are only some of the improvements:

  • gate modernization and expansion
  • runway extension
  • new and improved facilities such as a 2-level, 41,600 square foot concourse
  • ticket wing and visitors information center renovations
  • new covered parking lot
  • upgraded entrance road
  • art at the airport exhibitions

CAK takes pride in offering a relaxing customer experience and affordable fares. Low fares to popular vacation destinations, both US and global flights, are easy to find from Akron-Canton Airport. It's just minutes from car to gate, and you'll enjoy our sparkly clean facility where friendly faces make every step of your journey enjoyable.

CAK Improvements Akron Canton Airport


If you are interested in a speaker from the airport administration, please contact us with information about your event/meeting at info@akroncantonairport.com.

Renato Akron Canton Airport

President & Chief Executive Officer

cak jeff july 2023 1

Jeff Rosette

Vice President of Airside, Operations & Public Safety

Jim Krum Akron Canton Airport

James Krum

Vice President of Finance & Administration

Duane Dunn

Duane Dunn

Vice President of Landside, Planning & Infrastructure

Lisa Dalpiaz Akron Canton Airport

Lisa Dalpiaz

Vice President of Air Service & Business Development

David Regula Akron Canton Airport

David Regula

Vice President of Customer Experience

Bob Mohr Akron Canton Airport

Bob Mohr

Vice President of Innovation Technology

theresa cak hr march 2022 1

Theresa Smith

Vice President of Human Resources

Board of Trustees

Akron-Canton Airport is the only commercial airfield in the State of Ohio governed by an Airport Authority. The Airport Authority is a political subdivision of the State.

Eight Trustees serve on the Authority Board. Four members are appointed by the Stark County Commissioners and four are appointed by the Summit County Executive and approved by council. The members serve staggered, four year terms and are not paid for their service. Board members can be reappointed indefinitely.

The Board is responsible for the strategic direction of the organization. The President & CEO reports directly to the Board of Trustees on the third Thursday of each month at 3:00 p.m. The Board of Trustees has complete fiscal and organizational oversight for the airport. Each member contributes a unique area of expertise to the Board, including real estate, financial, law and managerial expertise.


Beth Boggins Akron Canton Airport
Beth B. Boggins

Vice Chairperson

John Williams Akron Canton Airport
John M. Williams

Robert Konstand Akron Canton Airport
Robert G. Konstand

Diane CAK 01
Diane L. Miller Dawson


John Wirtz Akron Canton Airport
John B. Wirtz


karen cak board january 2022 1 v2
Karen A. Brenneman

Jack Timken Akron Canton Airport
Ward J. Timken

Jacqueline Musacchia
Jacqueline Musacchia

Careers at Akron-Canton Airport

The airport authority hires for administrative, custodial, field and building maintenance jobs.

We are a diverse group of committed and talented professionals who show up to take CAK to new heights. Our organization is in constant motion, moving people 365 days a year. With our core values of Safety, Accountability, Growth, Integrity and Respect guiding us, we each do our part to contribute to our organization, the aviation industry, local businesses, and the economy. We create experiences for passengers, we create opportunities for businesses, and we create economic growth for the Akron-Canton Metroplex area.

Fun fact: Over 50% of our jobs do not need a college degree. For those looking to stay active during the workday, we offer positions that keep you on move during your shift. These are all full-time roles, which at CAK means you’ll be eligible for Health benefits and be a member of the Ohio Public Retirement System (OPERS). Many of our entry-level employees become leaders in Operations & Safety, Field Maintenance, Custodial Services, Building Maintenance, Environmental Services, and other special committees.

Candidates must be 18 years or older with the ability to read and speak English.

Interested individuals may email a resume, which we will keep on file for six months to jobs@akroncantonairport.com. As a special note, participation in the CAK fire department is mandatory for all current and perspective employees in operations and field maintenance.

Earn more: You can expect a competitive wage and reliable paycheck when you work for Akron-Canton Airport.

Benefits: Our range of benefits can include health care, medical, dental, optional vision and life, employee discount, OPERS, Deferred Compensation, Sick, Vacation time, and more.

Tenant opportunities: The airport is similar to a shopping mall, with multiple service providers hiring their own employees. That includes all airlines, car rental agencies, information center, food services and gifts, fixed based operators, and other service providers on the field. If you are interested in applying for a position with an airport service provider, it is your responsibility to contact each one individually.

The Summit County Sheriff's Office provides airport security officers. Contact the Sheriff at the following number: 330.643.2181. If you would like to know about opportunities with Transportation Security Administration (gate screening, explosive detection and passenger safety) please visit www.usajobs.gov for more information. Thanks for your interest in the Akron-Canton Airport and good luck in your job search.

Economic Impact

The Akron-Canton Airport proves to be a vital asset to the local community, as shown through the airport’s most recent economic impact survey, conducted by Kent State University. The existence of the Airport translates into additional jobs, payroll, business growth and expenditures, as well as local and state tax revenues for the region.  In 2018, the greater Akron-Canton region took off — with $1.01 billion in total economic activity, $212 million in total payroll generation and $85 million in total tax revenue generated from 4,486 jobs because of the Akron-Canton Airport.

Access a PDF of the report here

economic impact Akron Canton Airport

Methodology of the economic impact study is as follows:

The Akron-Canton Airport engaged with Kent State University to estimate the impacts of its activities on the greater Akron-Canton region (Carroll, Medina, Portage, Stark, Summit and Wayne Counties) and the State of Ohio. Airlines, rental car agencies, restaurants, retail shops, airport tenants, hotels and other businesses, organizations and agencies on airport property were surveyed. These businesses were asked about their 2018 capital expenditures and employment levels that are dependent upon or related to the airport. The economic benefits identified are those that would not have occurred in the absence of the airport. The benefits were calculated by Kent State University by inserting data into IMPLAN pro input-output (I/O) model, a generally accepted economic formula for estimating the economic impact of an entity. The results reflect the impact of the Akron-Canton Airport as a single business entity in the community.

General Aviation

Business Travel Info for Private Pilots and Aviation Buffs

Airfield Information

Location: 10 mi SE of city
Coordinates: N40-54.90; W81-26.62
UTC: -5 (-4DT)
Airspace: Class C (0700-0000)
Navaids: ACO-114.4 228° 15.9 NM

Telephone: 330-896-2376, 330-499-4059
Fax: 330-499-5176
Hours: 24
Elevation: 1225
Runways: 1-l9 7,601 X 150, asphalt grooved; lights HIRL; gnd ry 1; tree ry 19 / 5-23 8,204 X 150, asphalt grooved; lights HIRL; trees ry 23.

Lights: Beacon 24 hrs.
Fees: Landing
Approaches: ILS: 1, 19, 23, 5

VOR/GPS 5, 23
FSS: Cleveland 122.1 R, 114.4T (800)-WX-BRIEF
Weather conditions: ATIS 121.05; ASOS 330-966-9545
Com freq: CLNC DEL 132.05; GND 1217; TWR 134.75; APP/DEP Akron/125.5, Akron/118.6, Akron/128.5 (1100-05002), Cleveland Center/134.9 (0500-11002)
Obstructions: Deer and birds in vicinity
Charts: Detroit; H-1OG, L-23D, 24E
ARFF: Index B
Fuel: 100LL, Jet A

For more Akron-Canton Airport navigational information go to http://www.airnav.com/airport/KCAK

For information on international travel, please visit US Customs and Border Protection.


A look back to the early years of aviation development in the Akron-Canton region involves a complex cast of characters and a multitude of interests that resulted in a revolutionary government partnership.

The origin of the Akron-Canton Airport (CAK) evolved against a wartime backdrop. As with many airfields across the United States, CAK's initial funding was proposed at a time when the nation was most concerned about air defense, during World War II. Although fraught with controversy and delays, the Akron-Canton Airport's beginnings have laid an aviation foundation that contributes over $300 million in local economic impact and connects more than 1.4 million passengers to destinations worldwide.

CAK History 3 Akron Canton Airport

Five-Year Strategic Plan

Renewed Focus

As air travel evolves at a rapid pace, a renewed focus for organizational success is required that embodies the future investment of employees, facilities and relationships with key stakeholders. At Akron-Canton Airport (CAK), a new strategic plan is necessary to serve as a catalyst and promote the future direction of the organization. 

The five-year strategic plan (2020-2024) will involve a transparent, inclusive approach to timely execution of objectives and initiatives throughout the organization. The strategy includes an analysis of CAK’s competitive situation to others in the industry; a guiding policy for achieving the organization's goals (this document); and specific action plans for implementation. The strategic plan will cover multiple years and be routinely updated as the industry, economy and environment continue to evolve.

Read the full strategic plan here. (PDF)

CAK Modernization Akron Canton Airport

Aircraft Parking Rules & Regulations

Akron-Canton Airport (CAK) Aircraft Parking Rules & Regulations are accessible below.

Access Aircraft Parking Rules & Regulations here (PDF)