Board of Trustees

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Akron-Canton Airport Board of Trustees

Akron-Canton Airport is the only commercial airfield in the State of Ohio governed by an Airport Authority. The Airport Authority is a political subdivision of the State.

Eight Trustees serve on the Authority Board. Four members are appointed by the Stark County Commissioners and four are appointed by the Summit County Executive and approved by council. The members serve staggered, four year terms and are not paid for their service. Board members can be reappointed indefinitely.

The Board is responsible for the strategic direction of the organization. The President & CEO reports directly to the Board of Trustees on the third Thursday of each month at 3:00 p.m.

The Board of Trustees has complete fiscal and organizational oversight for the airport. Each member contributes a unique area of expertise to the Board, including real estate, financial, law and managerial expertise.


Beth Boggins Akron Canton Airport
Beth B. Boggins

Vice Chairperson

John Williams Akron Canton Airport
John M. Williams

Robert Konstand Akron Canton Airport
Robert G. Konstand

Diane CAK 01
Diane L. Miller Dawson


John Wirtz Akron Canton Airport
John B. Wirtz


karen cak board january 2022 1 v2
Karen A. Brenneman

Jack Timken Akron Canton Airport
Ward J. Timken

Jacqueline Musacchia
Jacqueline Musacchia