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A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport

Our airport serves your communities. We are an active part of those communities, and offer full transparency of operations and plans — to our neighbors, business partners and government officials. A decade of investment and effort has culminated in a modernized and expanded facility, featuring new amenities for an enhanced experience. Yet we will not rest. We strive for unbeatable Customer service and to help develop our region’s economy for a better way toward our shared future.

Phase 1 Modernization Akron Canton Airport
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Phase 3 modernization Akron Canton Airport

CAK Master Plan

Having a strong vision for the Akron-Canton Airport is one of our highest priorities.

Through the Master Plan process, the Akron-Canton Regional Airport Authority is tasked with understanding what the community wants and needs from its Airport.

The Master Plan helps guide the Airport’s administration and Trustees in that direction. Many leaders from the region joined us to conceive this plan. Their input helped direct our efforts to truly reflect the business, civic and aviation priorities that will guide CAK for the next 20 years. With our community spirit in mind, we have designed a unique approach to airport development. Under the leadership of our Board of Trustees, we are laser focused on Customer experience and on keeping our airline costs low. We are not fancy, on purpose.

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Our Customers and airline partners want and deserve nice, clean, easy and affordable air transportation options from CAK. Customer amenities like free WiFi, complimentary business lounge, exceptional dining options and flights to fit any budget keep our Customers happy. It just doesn’t need to get any fancier than that.

This Master Plan is aligned with what we value most — Customer experience and low costs. We can accomplish these goals while also improving our facilities and Airport campus; and becoming even more sustainable for our community.

CAK Noise Study

Welcome. The “Part 150” Airport Noise Compatibility Planning Study Update for the Akron-Canton Airport (CAK) is underway. We strongly encourage all potentially interested parties to participate. As the study progresses, you will find updates here, so please bookmark this page and check it often.

The Akron-Canton Airport Authority and Airport Administration are committed to making CAK the best neighbor possible, including minimizing any environmental impact on the surrounding community. Noise from airport operations is clearly one of the most significant environmental issues for an airport to consider.

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Flying Near Akron-Canton Airport

Drone operators should avoid flying near airports because it is difficult for manned aircraft to see and avoid a drone while flying. Remember that drone operators must avoid manned aircraft and are responsible for any safety hazard their drone creates in an airport environment.

Airports in Controlled Airspace

For flight near airports in controlled airspace, drone operators must receive an airspace authorization prior to operation. Airspace authorizations come with altitude limitations and may include other operational provisions. Controlled airspace and other flying restrictions can be found on our B4UFLY app.

CAK Drones Akron Canton Airport

CAK Emergency Contingency Plan

The Akron-Canton Airport has prepared this Emergency Contingency Plan pursuant to §42301 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012. Questions regarding this plan can be directed to Todd Laps at The Akron-Canton Airport is filing this plan with the Department of Transportation because (1) it is a commercial airport or (2) this airport may be used by an air carrier described in USC 42301(a)(1) for diversions.

CAK Emergency Akron Canton Airport