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If you are a private pilot or simply an aviation buff, you'll be interested in the following airfield information.

Airfield Information

Location: 10 mi SE of city
Coordinates: N40-54.90; W81-26.62
UTC: -5 (-4DT)
Airspace: Class C (0700-0000)
Navaids: ACO-114.4 228° 15.9 NM

Telephone: 330-896-2376, 330-499-4059
Fax: 330-499-5176
Hours: 24
Elevation: 1225
Runways: 1-l9 7,601 X 150, asphalt grooved; lights HIRL; gnd ry 1; tree ry 19 / 5-23 8,204 X 150, asphalt grooved; lights HIRL; trees ry 23.

Lights: Beacon 24 hrs.
Fees: Landing
Approaches: ILS: 1, 19, 23, 5

VOR/GPS 5, 23
FSS: Cleveland 122.1 R, 114.4T (800)-WX-BRIEF
Weather conditions: ATIS 121.05; ASOS 330-966-9545
Com freq: CLNC DEL 132.05; GND 1217; TWR 134.75; APP/DEP Akron/125.5, Akron/118.6, Akron/128.5 (1100-05002), Cleveland Center/134.9 (0500-11002)
Obstructions: Deer and birds in vicinity
Charts: Detroit; H-1OG, L-23D, 24E
ARFF: Index B
Fuel: 100LL, Jet A

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