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Careers at Akron-Canton Airport


As an Equal Opportunity Employer, the airport authority hires for administrative, custodial, field and building maintenance jobs.

We are a diverse group of committed and talented professionals who show up to take CAK to new heights. Our organization is in constant motion, moving people 365 days a year. With our core values of Safety, Accountability, Growth, Integrity and Respect guiding us, we each do our part to contribute to our organization, the aviation industry, local businesses, and the economy. We create experiences for passengers, we create opportunities for businesses, and we create economic growth for the Akron-Canton Metroplex area.

Fun fact: Over 50% of our jobs do not require a college degree. For those looking to stay active during the workday, we offer positions that keep you on the move during your shift. Employment at CAK means you’ll be eligible for Health benefits and be a member of the Ohio Public Retirement System (OPERS). Many of our entry-level employees become leaders in Operations & Safety, Field Maintenance, Custodial Services, Building Maintenance, Environmental Services, and other special committees.

Interested individuals may upload a resume below in the Career Center, which we will keep on file for six months. As a special note, participation in the CAK fire department is mandatory for all current and prospective employees in operations and field maintenance. Candidates must be 18 years or older with the ability to read and speak English.

Earn more: You can expect a competitive wage and reliable paycheck when you work for Akron-Canton Airport.

Benefits: Our range of benefits can include health care, medical, dental, optional vision and life, employee discounts, OPERS, deferred compensation, sick, vacation time, and more.


To view opportunities, login to our Career Center.


Tenant opportunities: The airport is similar to a shopping mall, with multiple service providers hiring their own employees. That includes all airlines, car rental agencies, information center, food services and gifts, fixed based operators, and other service providers on the field. If you are interested in applying for a position with an airport service provider, it is your responsibility to contact each one individually.

The Summit County Sheriff's Office provides airport security officers. Contact the Sheriff at the following number: 330.643.2181. If you would like to know about opportunities with Transportation Security Administration (gate screening, explosive detection and passenger safety) please visit for more information. Thanks for your interest in the Akron-Canton Airport and good luck in your job search.