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Careers at Akron-Canton Airport

The airport authority hires for administrative, custodial, operations, field and building maintenance positions.

You may email a resume, which we will keep on file for six months to As a special note, participation in the CAK fire department is mandatory for all current and perspective employees in operations and field maintenance. The airport is similar to a shopping mall, with multiple service providers hiring their own employees. That includes all airlines, car rental agencies, information center, food services and gifts, fixed based operators, and other service providers on the field. If you are interested in applying for a position with an airport service provider, then please contact them directly.

The Summit County Sheriff's Office assigns airport officers. If you have an interest or questions, then please contact them at

If you would like to know about opportunities with the Transportation Security Administration (gate screening, explosive detection and passenger safety) please visit for more information. Thanks for your interest in the Akron-Canton Airport and good luck in your job search.

CAK Careers Akron Canton Airport