A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on February 5, 2010 by in Weather

Waiting for snow

This time of year the weather channel becomes our favorite TV station. The last few weeks we have watched storm after storm slide south and pound our neighbors. Well, I think this week may be different. On the way in to CAK this morning, the weather reports I heard said expect everything from 1-3 inches to a foot of snow.

The CAK Snow Crew spent the last few days making sure everything is ready to go. We are ready to battle anything Mother Nature throws our way- whether its an inch or a foot.

Something most people don't realize is we are not permitted to use salt on the airfield. The FAA only allows a very limited number of chemicals that will not corrode an airplane, and man they're expensive. One example: 1 ton of road salt = $55.00

1 ton of NAC (FAA salt substitute) = $1,995. Another little known fact, our airfield is equal to about 35 miles of city streets. Add 12 inches of snow on all that, and it could be a fun weekend.

A few days ago Buckeye Chuck, my favorite groundhog, predicted an early spring, I hope he is right.