A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on June 19, 2008 by in General

Up, Up and Away!

Yes, it's true;  other airlines have jumped on the additional fees for checking bags. Besides American, United and US Airways have also decided that additional revenues are needed. Therefore, they are also charging $15.00 for checked bags. Who knows when the others might follow.  But, so far the other CAK carriers, Frontier, AirTran, Delta, and Northwest are holding the line. With these fees becoming more known to the traveling public, expect closer scrutiny of your carry-on luggage. I would expect that the old templates will start showing up on security machines in the near future, especially at airports where one carrier controls the whole concourse. Don't worry about it at CAK;  I would not expect us to do something like that any time soon.

Along that line, for those frequent travelers, you might want to keep these new fees in mind when booking your seats on airlines that charge the fee because obviously everyone will be trying to bring their kitchen sinks on board as carry-on bags. You know what that means, no room in the overheads. Depending on whether your favorite carrier boards from the front to back or window to aisle could make a difference whether there's room for your carry-on bag.  So plan your seat assignment accordingly.

On a positive note, Frontier starts their 3rd daily flight to DEN beginning July 1.  Hopefully they'll be able to have their schedule together this fall for all those great ski locations.  Seems like a long way off, but the Rockies are just now getting rid of last year's snow and in several months will be topped with the powder again.  You gotta love it!