A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on March 6, 2015 by in

Two Low Fare Carriers- Southwest and Allegiant- Now Serving CAK! Love 'Em Both.

Two Low Fare Carriers- Southwest and Allegiant- Now Serving CAK! Love 'Em Both.

We are off to a wonderful start in 2015. CAK is now 100% Southwest® after having fully integrated all former AirTran flights late last year. Plus, Allegiant will begin nonstop service to three awesome vacation destinations in May/ June- Savannah/ Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach and St. Pete/ Clearwater (Tampa area).

Now, CAK offers nonstop flights on two of the premier low cost carriers in the US! Both airlines are extremely successful with long track records of profitability, reliability and service. There are differences however, that are important to consider when you are shopping for your next flight.

First, Southwest flies to eight nonstop destinations from CAK every day of the week. Your first two bags fly free (size and weight restrictions apply) and there are no change fees if you need to reschedule your flight. Soft drinks and light snacks on board are also free. Their fares may appear to be higher at first glance than other airlines but often, when you do the math, Southwest may be the better bargain. Remember, you can only find their low fares online at or by calling 800-IFLYSWA.

Now, Allegiant operates differently. They fly 2-3 flights per week to really popular vacation destinations. Their fares are “ultra-low” and every flight is nonstop. Nice. There are additional fees however, as you add creature comforts to your base fare- seat assignments, baggage, fees, airport check-in, etc… Click here for a complete list. If you travel light, chances are you will score an awesome low fare! If you like to bring lots of stuff on your vacay, do your research to be sure you understand all the additional costs that may be required on top of your low base fare. Allegiant flights can be booked online at or at the airport. You won’t find them though on any of the major online travel websites.

In addition to these awesome airlines, don’t forget that American/ US Airways, United, and Delta offer exceptional domestic and international connections from CAK. You are literally one-stop from 90% of the planet when flying one of these big global carriers.

So there you have it. No matter where you are going, how much you want to pay, or which airline you prefer, we’ve got you covered at CAK. We know you have a choice when flying, thanks for choosing CAK.