A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on June 3, 2010 by in Marketing

Social media tools to help your travels

We have had success using both Facebook and Twitter for CAK. But there are dozens of other social media sites that have been around just as long but have only recently caught my eye. What I like about them is how it helps your travel experience.

1.Yelp - Take a look at CAK on Yelp:'s filled with reviews from people who are not are afraid to say how they really feel about your business. I was recently in Boston and looked up most of the attractions and restaurants I went to on Yelp. I ordered the clam chowder at Legal Sea Foods because several people on Yelp said it was delicious and they were right. Yelp has also a great app for mobile devices that finds all the restaurants, shops and any other businesses that are nearby. And business owners can also claim and customize their business page on Yelp and add their own special. Leave a review of CAK on Yelp and check out our special.

2. Foursquare - Check out CAK on Foursquare: This is a location-based game where you "check in" to places with your mobile device. Foursquare gives you badges for doing something special. For example, if you check into five airports, you are awarded the Jetsetter badge. And if you check into a place more than anyone else, you become the mayor of that place. What does this mean in real life? Absolutely nothing! Businesses can claim their business and offer a reward but Foursquare has only gotten back to a few of them. Starbucks is one of those and they offer a discount to the mayor of each Starbucks. In my opinion, Foursquare needs to develop themselves more. The feature that helps travelers are the tips. Each venue has tips left by users similar to Yelp. The tips are very short and easily accessible through your phone so it's easy to read all of them at once. Foursquare hasn't become mainstream yet but reports say it is growing faster than Twitter did when it was first starting out. CAK had about 200 check-ins last week so it is becoming more popular.

3. Gate Guru - This is only an iPhone app at this point but if you are frequent airport traveler, this app is amazing. It tells the traveler every restaurant, bar and shop in the airport by gate. Again, in Boston, I used Gate Guru at Boston Logan Airport to find the nearest Dunkin Donuts so I could get my morning coffee. I found through Gate Guru that one was just around the corner from me. It also includes where the nearest internet kiosks and ATM's are located. The only downside is it doesn't cover every U.S. airport yet although it recently added some international airports. I have contacted Gate Guru and asked them to include us. I hope they eventually include all airports.