A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on July 20, 2017 by in General

So Many Places to Park

At Akron-Canton Airport, we strive to make our airport a better way to go for our Customers every day, in every way we can. Which is why we are excited to offer so many affordable parking options to meet the needs of our travelers. We now have five great parking options, ranging from our cell-phone lot, to our premium short-term covered parking, so travelers can enjoy affordability budget and convenience at the same time. All of our parking lots are handicap accessible and easy to navigate.

Long-Term A and B Parking Lots

We have two long-term lots, A and B; both offer easy access to the terminal, although it is slightly further than our short-term parking areas. These options are less expensive than short-term and designed for travelers planning to leave their vehicle at the airport for more than two days. Our around-the-clock, free shuttle service to the terminal is available in our long-term lots too. The hourly rate for both lots is $3. Long-term A parking is $12/day, while long-term B is $10/day.

Short-Term Parking Lot

Our short-term parking area is located directly across from the main entrance of the airport, which is the closest parking option to the terminal entrance. Short-term parking is $2/hour and $16/day. If you plan to take a quick trip, or just enjoy the convenience of parking right outside of the airport entrance, you’ll love our short-term parking.

Short-Term Covered Parking Lot

We also offer covered short-term parking, which is located directly in front of the CAK Terminal with a covered walkway. Daily and hourly rates apply. It is the most convenient, but expensive parking option. This premium option is $2/hour and $19/day. Our covered parking lot isn’t just great for the winter months; it’s a great option to shade your vehicle from the hot Ohio summer sun, too!

Cell Phone Waiting Area

We have a free waiting area for friends and family to park their vehicles while they wait to pick up travelers. So, sit back and enjoy our free Wifi as you await your loved one to arrive. Vehicles parked in the cell phone lot must be attended at all times.

With so many parking options within minutes of our terminal, your journey through CAK starts a little quicker! We’re looking forward to seeing you as you begin your next adventure!