A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on March 25, 2009 by in General


The airport recently has had a number of inquires in regards to puppies, dogs, and birds being shipped to our airport. Unfortunately in almost all of the cases the shipments have turned out to be scams. Shipping companies, many times identified as being experts at jet service for moving animals, are identifying CAK as a transit airport for moving animals. This is not true! Although some of our carriers will transport animals, actually only Delta to my knowledge, be very wary of any companies that list our facility as a transit stop. That's not to say that other CAK airlines will not allow you to bring an animal with you if you are also traveling.  It only means that they don't transfer animals without the owners on board the airplane.

In several recent instances, these scams claim the animals are at CAK, and they want buyers to send more money for broken cages or releases from our facility. In all cases they want the money send through money orders or Western Union. Any reputable airline will always accept credit cards for shipping. Please be cautious sending money orders or wire transfers to anyone, as the internet site advises.  Anyone asking for that type of payment in advance should be considered questionable. Those adorable puppies that someone advertises could end up being a very expensive lesson in buyer beware!