A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on March 28, 2008 by in General

Passports for land crossings delayed!

For those of you who are frequent travelers to Canada and Mexico, the federal government has delayed its passport requirement for land border crossings until June 1, 2009.  This does not change the current rules for air travels, however, so don't get land crossings mixed up with air travel.  Air travel still requires a passport.

On another baggage news item, Northwest Airlines announced that they also will be charging an additional $25.00 to check more than one bag.  They are following Delta, United,   and  US Airways which already have these policies in place.  Northwest's overweight charge for any bag over 50 pounds also doubles to $50.00.  These rule changes may require us to be creative when packing.  Pull out that bathroom scale you've had hidden from use;  now it can save you money!

Everyone!  PLEASE THINK SPRING IN OHIO!  If that doesn't work, catch the nearest jet to sunshine from CAK!