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Posted on August 25, 2011 by in Airlines

New rules for international tarmac delays

The Transportation Department announced new rules effective immediately for fines up to $27,000.00 per passenger for international flights that are delayed on the tarmac for longer than four hours. Per USA Today article written by Roger Yu, compensation for over sold flights also will rise. Before taking a free ticket to get bumped, with the upcoming holidays looming, know the rules.
If you’re delayed getting to your destination by several hours you can receive up to double the price of your original ticket, with a maximum amount of $400. Much longer delays could net you a maximum of $1,300 or four times your ticket value. These new rates are considerably higher than the current compensation requirements.
New rules also require better disclosure on airline websites of fees imposed, whether it is checking bags, buying meals, canceling your ticket, or changing your itinerary. These new federal rules can be found on the Transportation Department website. Ultimately, an informed flier better positions themselves to make the ultimate deal with the carrier when things don’t quite go according to planned. Additional rules will also be added January 24, in regards to notification to the customer of delays, cancellation of ticket provisions, and requiring all fees to be added to advertised ticket prices. Sounds like consumers are getting their voice heard! Happy flying!