A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on February 3, 2014 by in Airlines

#LUVCAK Takes Flight

Last summer Rick and I got a visit from the leaders of our chambers and convention and visitors bureaus- Akron and Canton. What was on their mind? Making Southwest successful at CAK. For the past seventeen years, our chambers and business community had supported AirTran, making it the preferred airline for low fares and great destinations. During that time though, our leadership asked us repeatedly about Southwest. If AirTran could be so successful at CAK, what about Southwest?
Their desire to attract this world-class airline may have been a long time coming, but come they did. In late August 2012, shortly after Southwest announced its acquisition of AirTran, the first canyon blue beauty took off from CAK. It was an awesome moment. It was a dream fulfilled for our former iconic airport director Fred Krum and our community leadership. And for me too.
Fast-forward to today. Many former AirTran cities are now fully integrated into the Southwest Airlines network and some cities, sadly, lost both carriers. How about here at CAK? We are tremendously blessed to remain on the Southwest route map AND have most of our AirTran destinations converting to Southwest equipment this year. By June 8, 2014, more than 70% of the seats for Southwest/AirTran will be aboard larger, comfy Boeing 737s flown by Southwest Airlines (compared to approximately 10% of seats today).
Same great destinations- Atlanta, New York, Boston, Orlando, Tampa, Denver, and Ft. Myers (seasonal)- same great low fares. There is one important difference though. These great flights are only available online at Nowhere else. Only online at It is vital that you check to be sure you get the lowest fare and nonstop flight from CAK.
Our leaders understand how important it is to support Southwest at CAK. Learn more about this great airline and enroll in Rapid Rewards®, their award-winning frequent traveler program, at What’s in it for you? How about sixty chances to win $100 LUV vouchers. One lucky entrant will win four round-trip tickets aboard Southwest from CAK! Our partners have a goal to enroll 20,000 Rapid Reward members by May 2nd. Join us. Enroll at today.