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Posted on February 3, 2010 by in Airlines

January 30, 2010 the Day Northwest Airlines Died!

Many of you might not have noticed, others I'm sure have fond memories… or nightmares of what in the past decades was one of the real big boys in aviation. Northwest Airlines is officially gone from the radar. Their flight numbers and information can now only be found under Delta Airlines. It's an end to what was considered truly an international airline that flew from the United States to all those locations that as a kid, you had no idea where they were except far away. Thinking back to those years of airline regulations, all the other large carriers just wanted to grow up and be just like Northwest flying to those exotic places around the world but it's ended. It seems somewhere along the way they lost their focus or faced too much competition from other carriers once deregulation allowed the international markets to open to more carriers.

Regardless of the reasons, I take my hat off to all those who contributed to the Northwest operations, the employees that made them fly everyday, and sent their kids to college on their pay. It can be said that it never is pleasant to watch a airline die whether it Eastern or Braniff or others. In reality, airlines are people. They make them or break them and many times at the expense of 1,000 of jobs. So be sure to remember when you come to the airport if you have a ticket you purchase a few moons ago, look for your Northwest flight under the Delta brand. We wish them the best of luck, and to Northwest, thanks for the memories!