A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on February 28, 2011 by in Airlines

I'm back and CAK is ready for a bright future

It is definitely time for me to get into the swing of things again. I've been a bit of a slacker, not posting as often as I should to this blog. I view writing as a bit of a guilty pleasure rather than a mundane requirement though. So, I am back!

So, let's get right into it. Topic numero uno is, of course, the acquisition of AirTran Airways by Southwest Airlines. Sources tell us that the deal could be complete in May (pending approval by the Department of Justice and AirTran shareholders).

This is a really big deal because AirTran represents about 50 percent of our business. Not only that, AirTran put little ol' CAK on the map (route map that is). Have a look at my Namaste post for more about our incredible relationship.

It is likely that this acquisition will indeed go through. While I am still getting use to this fact, I am ready also for the next chapter in our story to begin.I can't wait to actually have meaningful talks with the Southwest planning, marketing, pr and sales teams about their opportunities here. It will take mighty restraint for me to not gush forth fire hose style about our market and our approach to successful airline partnerships.

In the meantime, CAK remains committed to our customers first and foremost. We call 2011 the year of the customer, in fact. We are adding a Cinnabon®, a much more spacious security screening checkpoint and 400 additional automobile parking spots in our long-term lot.

Some outsiders may think that we are nuts to add these enhancements since the future isn't crystal clear. I say "outsiders be damned." Our warrior spirit, our can-do attitude and our refusal to accept failure keep us focused, so we can envision a future that is bright even without total clarity at this point in time.

We are ready, come what may…