A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on July 7, 2008 by in General

If only we could pedal airplanes

My friend Ron DeBarr, Executive Director of NEOTEC, sent me a list of innovative ideas to solve the current fuel crisis. Pedal power was just one solution. Recycling French fry fat was another, but alas, it won't power an airplane either.

There is not doubt that new thinking is needed to address the crazy price of fuel. I personally have been driving slower (a good thing, I know) and riding my bike to cardio-tennis on Saturday mornings. This whole fuel thing has me thinking about my own personal habits. Why not bike to the airport? It's only 7 miles from my front door. Unfortunately, there really isn't a safe way to get there. None of the roads I would take have a bike path. Our community, like so many others, is totally unprepared for alternative means of transportation. In the US, we drive or fly to 90% of the country. Dense urban areas are the only exception. So, the U.S. is now caught with its proverbial "pants down" with fuel going higher and higher and higher.

These are interesting times, to be sure. So, here is a little CAK update: So far, so good. If people keep flying from here (and paying a bit more for their airline ticket) we should weather the storm. I still think that nearly every community across the country will be affected by airline capacity cut backs, but with a little luck, and maybe a little pedal power, we hope to see blue skies on the other side of this crisis.