A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on May 24, 2011 by in Fun

Hang with CAK this summer

Hang with CAK this summer

We really like making a big splash throughout the Cleveland+ region and having lots of fun while we are doing it. This year we have tied the knot with LiveNation to really ramp up our venue advertising. We've dabbled in a few locations throughout the region in the past but this year we are partnering with the House of Blues, Jacobs Pavilion at Natuica, and Blossom Music Center. You'll see our warm, fun messaging throughout these venues.

Our message this year is all about spreading a bit of happiness by extending our "C'mon, Get Happy!" theme beyond 9th street and into these entertainment venues. We love the synergy of folks having a great time at concerts and outdoor events and our Happiness theme. As Bob Linc, our LiveNation sales guru explained it, "concert goers are like vacationers, they are having a great time relaxing and doing what they enjoy most." We couldn't agree more.

CAK is all about taking the stress out of the travel experience. Our short walks, friendly staff, and low fares make travel more relaxing. Travelers feel happier at the beginning of their trip. So, C'mon, Get Happy!" with the Akron-Canton Airport this summer at the airport or at the show.