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Posted on March 9, 2009 by in General

Goodbye Fred

We officially bid farewell to Fred Krum last Friday at a beautiful ceremony at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Canton, Ohio. It is hard to believe that the once vibrant and driven yet humble leader of CAK for 27 years has passed away.

His family was absolutely steadfast throughout Fred's entire illness, never once giving up hope that they could prolong his incredible life or at the very least, add to the mounting data about how to cure brain cancer.

After the funeral, our new president and CEO Rick McQueen gathered the entire staff together to toast Fred's incredible accomplishments at the Akron-Canton Airport, in the community and in our hearts as his prodigies. It was a beautiful gesture, a final toast to one who mattered so much to all of us. We remembered important moments and recognized that not one of us would be working at such a special place without Fred's help and belief in us.

So in one final tribute, I thank Fred for believing in me. I thank Fred for all the good times, the karate chops, the songs in the office, and the long talks about work and life. Fred is indeed cleared for take-off. God willing, I will see you on the other side.

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