A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on September 12, 2013 by in Airlines



Sometimes there is a topic that you must write about and well, this is it for me. In 2011, Southwest Airlines® purchased AirTran Airways. Customers in northeast Ohio really, really like(d) AirTran. Come to think of it, what’s not to like: business class seating you can afford, comfy full-sized jets, nonstop flights to awesome destinations like Atlanta, Orlando, New York, Boston, Tampa and Ft. Myers.

CAK and AirTran grew up together. It was a good thing. No, it was a great thing. But as I’ve posted before, we couldn’t imagine a better acquiring company than Southwest. They may not offer a business class section, but boy, do they know how to move business.

Southwest offers a different customer experience. In this case, different is good, really good! I can’t help but marvel at how efficient the Southwest boarding process is. Here’s the difference- you pick your own seat. It isn’t hard at all. Actually, it is pretty slick. I love looking down the rows and deciding where I should sit. Window or aisle? It is my choice!

Free tip: Because our Southwest flights are pretty full, you’ll want to check-in for your flight as early as you can or skip the hassle and buy the Early Bird® check-in (it’s only $12.50 each way and totally worth it) and check-in whenever is convenient for you, within 24 hours of your departure. When you arrive at the airport, you’ll have a boarding number. The customer service agent will call your boarding group, and you simply line up under your number. Board the plane and pick your seat. Easy.

Don’t forget that Southwest and AirTran flights can be booked at Two bags fly free (size and weight limits apply), if you purchase your tickets at Another nice difference, if you ask me. That could save you $50 or more per person, if you are checking luggage. Nice.

Yup, different is good.