A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on June 15, 2010 by in Customers

Congratulations Team CAK!

CAK was honored last week at the Smart Business World Customer Service Awards at the lovely Executive Caterers facility in Landerhaven. CAK was one of 31 organizations that were honorees at this event out of approximately 65 nominations from Northeast Ohio. We also were additionally awarded one of 11other categories awards, that being Best Customer Experience.

It was my honor to accept this award on behalf of all the wonderful terminal employees of the Akron-Canton Airport. From our airport staff, to our airline representatives, to our information ladies, to our rental car representatives, to our TSA representatives, to MSE food services, to our skycaps, so many individuals go above and beyond to make our facility "a better way to go".  We are truly honored to receive these awards and would like to publicly thank those wonderful individuals who make it all happen.  Customer service is about customer's resolution to problems and so many of our terminal groups and their employees work hard to make your experience at CAK pleasant. Please remember these individuals when you enjoy your experience her and say thanks for their efforts, we are truly blessed with many customer eccentric partners at CAK.