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Posted on April 19, 2010 by in General

Congrats to AirTran & update on charging for carry

All of us here at CAK would like to give the employees of Airtran Airways at CAK as well as their counterparts throughout their system a congratulations! They recently were awarded # 2 in the county in the Airline Quality Rating. This rating gauges many factors such as on time departure, baggage issues, quality of in-flight services and number of complaints. AirTran has repeatedly shined in this quality rating over the years, and we are certainly proud to have them as one of the carriers serving CAK. Locally they do a terrific job taking care of their customers and ours, and we owe their employees a big thanks for a job well done!

The TSA recently announced on its blog that iPod users will no longer be required to remove them for inspection from their bags when going through security. Since it is free of internal parts which block screening machines images, it is good to go. Other smaller electronic items such as Sony Reader and smaller netbook computers also can stay in your carry on bags. For additional information on this news on this subject go to

Lastly, the big news this week was that Spirit Airlines may start charging for carry on bags. Yes, that's not checked bags but carry ons. Under the proposal if you carry on a bag and want to put it in a overhead compartment you will board first and be charged a fee, the cost depending on your status with the carrier and whether you prepay for the bag. Bags may still be placed under your seat at no charge. Needless to say this has caused a stir in the aviation community, as well as for certain members of the U.S. Senate. Senator Charles Schumer finds the fee outrageous and may propose a bill blocking the ability for carriers to do this. Stay tuned for the fallout ahead, it's hard to say what might happen, but it has been reported that a European carrier charges to use their lavatories on board. It's a crazy business and who knows what the next idea may bring. Happy Trails!