A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on March 21, 2013 by in Airlines

Codeshare- What's that?

Simply, codeshare allows two or more airlines to combine itineraries.  AirTran and Southwest just announced that they now offer codeshare from CAK starting on April 14, 2013. That will allow our Customers access to 97 destinations- their combined network of domestic and international cities. Codeshare is also stepping stone to the full integration of AirTran and Southwest (scheduled for the end of 2014).

We are very jazzed about this because our AirTran Customers will get a taste of the exceptional Southwest experience. Their boarding process is different than other airlines. It is very efficient and really makes sense, once you try it a time or two however. Essentially you get a boarding number rather than a seat assignment. You get to choose your seat, and that can be fun! Hmmmmm- bulkhead or exit row. Aisle or window. Beware though, if you check-in late you may get a middle seat (you’d get a middle seat on other airlines too). Good news is that Southwest flies all big comfy Boeing 737 jets, so even the middle seat doesn’t feel that bad.

Bonus: if you book your ticket at, 2 bags per person fly free (weight and size restrictions may apply), even if your trip includes an AirTran segment.  That could save you lots of money if you are bringing lots of stuff on your next trip.

So, codeshare is a very good thing. Happy travels and thanks for choosing Akron-Canton Airport for your journey.