A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on January 8, 2010 by in General

CAK's 5000+ FB fans come from throughout the Cleve

What does it feel like to have more fans than any other airport in the United States? Amazing! When we started the year, CAK had a Facebook group of about 700 people. We thought that was pretty darn good, but Brad Kleinman, director of education at Cleveland based Worksmart Integrated Marketing, convinced us to launch a fan page to replace our group. We weren't familiar with fan pages at the time, but Brad was pretty convincing.

      "You can attract fans from a wider market and measure the value and impact of your        posts," said Brad. "Don't wait because this is the newest innovation and you want to stay       on the leading edge."

I am so glad that we listen to smart people. I am also so lucky to have a CAKtastic staff. Ryan and Elizabeth are committed to listening to, interacting with and delighting tech-savvy travelers every day.

Our Facebook page allows us to track all sorts of nifty information too; so we get to know our customers even better. One very cool measure is the number of fans by city. Our largest fan-base comes from Akron and Cleveland; Canton and Massillon round off the top four. To us, this is a true measurement of CAK's appeal to the broader Cleveland+ region.

I also want to tell you about our Facebook 5,000 contest! Because CAK offers the most relaxing customer experience (according to our customers…and that's what really matters), we partnered with John Robert's Spa to offer up an ultimate spa package for one lucky fan. We'll also be giving away coupons for a free massage in one of our fabulous massage chairs, when you take your next trip through Akron-Canton Airport. Click here to enter and win!