A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on July 10, 2012 by in Fun

CAK on Pinterest? What would an airport pin?

From the creators of and Twitter/CAKairport, comes Surprised to see your airport on Pinterest? Yeah. Me too. You see – I didn’t think CAK had a place on Pinterest. I’ve used Pinterest personally and love it. My pins of recipes and clothes came fast and furious soon after I joined. I immediately thought - should CAK be here too? We have a huge Facebook presence, a long-standing Twitter, Google + page, Flickr, YouTube, not to mention this blog – so was there really room in the life of CAK for one more social network? If CAK were a restaurant – yes! A clothing store – yes! A photographer of cute pets – yes! But an airport? No. What would we pin? Photos of planes? Now some would like that but not enough, not the demo that is using Pinterest – mostly women.

Fast forward 6 months later, and Pinterest exploded. It got bigger than big. My mom even texted me one day, “What is Pinterest?” And I began to look at some big businesses on Pinterest like Starbucks and Whole Foods and liked how they were using it. They weren’t just pinning their own stuff – they were pinning extensions of their brand – happy things, cute things, useful things, lifestyle things. The lifestyle thing got to me. Yes! This could work for CAK. And then Pinterest became the third most used social network of all time – this was no longer a choice. We needed to be there. But once this was realized, the pinning would wait. A lot of thought, time, talking and even a written strategy went into our boards and pins between myself and mainly our intern (who spent hours developing a plan for the CAK Pinterest). It may seem a bit extreme but that’s just how we do things here. We weren’t going to start pinning unless we had reasons for doing it and knew why we were doing it.

So in the end, we secretly launched the CAK Pinterest on July 2, 2012. Little fanfare was involved in it. We wanted to make sure this really would work for us before we broadcasted it. And here’s what we did for our boards: We took CAK’s brand – a better way to go and words that come to mind when you think of this place – easy, low fares, family friendly, relaxing, convenient, happiness, going on trips and vacations and even a little bit funny – hey, we have a sense of humor here – and fashioned the boards from that. So without further ado – if you haven’t clicked on it already – the CAK Pinterest account. It’s good to be an airport on Pinterest.