A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on March 17, 2010 by in General

CAK- Grants and Fans

This has been an incredible week at CAK. We achieved two incredible milestones and it's only Wednesday! Let's start with the money. FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt made a special trip to CAK to present our Trustees and team with more than $16.6 million. Let's see, if I write it out the number is…$16,625,000. That's the largest one time grant we've ever received. Randy (he and I are on a first name basis now) was incredibly gracious, greeting everyone at the celebration and truly enjoying it. He was very down to earth too. He shared stories of his many trips to our airport as a pilot for Eastern Airlines. How cool is that?

Why is this big grant important? Well besides allowing for flights throughout most of North America and enhancing safety, CAK is going to create an average of 60 jobs with this money. These jobs are going to sustain families right here in our community for the next two years and boy, does that feel right.

So, milestone number two. We hit 10,000 fans on Facebook! I am so jazzed about this because each fan is a customer whom we value. We love chatting with our fans; finding out what is most important to them. Because what is most important to our customers, is most important to us too. To celebrate the Race to 10k, we gave away two tickets aboardAirTran Airways and I got to pull the lucky winner. Check out this vid if you'd like to know who won. If you aren't a fan (yet), click here to join our growing FB community. Thanks so much!