A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on May 23, 2013 by in Customers

And the winner is . . .

Yes it’s out! Consumers Report recent survey, as reported by NBC News Travel, has released the findings of their surveys as to what you, the customer feels, is the best airline, and the winner is Virgin Airlines! But, CAK fans don’t feel blue -- you have the second best airline flying right out of CAK – SOUTHWEST.  Well, they tied with Jet Blue but we’ll take the second as a hometown winner!! What separates the best from the mediocre,  it might be the fact that neither Jet Blue nor Southwest charges for bags, but many of our customers go on to say they love the Southwest style.

Virgin customers talked a lot about the clean airplanes and bathrooms and their comfortable seats, all things that we know are important to our customers when they visit our terminal area. Our employees, airline and rental car partners, along with food service, work hard to provide a freshness and experience not usually associated with the typical airport, and we thank them for their efforts!
The summer is upon us. It’s time for those last minute vacations , that many of  you have forgotten to book with the kids just finishing school. Take a look at the great fares to Chicago Midway on Southwest. You’ll be surprised at the low fares for you and the family! With airlines continuing to consolidate, and another mega merger of US Airways and American, expect prices to continue to push higher for air travel -  which is why now is the best time to book. Remember when booking Southwest to go to and again, congratulations to all the carriers!