A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on June 19, 2009 by in General

Akron-Canton Airport grows in May despite economy

Every month I wait, with a knot in my tummy, for the airlines to report their passenger boardings to us. The figures come in one-by-one for about a week. Sometimes, they are up sometimes they are down. This month, thankfully, more were up than we were down. Our margin of increase in May was very slim, just 177 more passengers than last year, but in this economy up is up! Read the press release.

At the AAAE National Conference in Philadelphia earlier this week, I had the opportunity to chat with many of our brethren in the airport industry. Without exception, everyone was being affected by the economy.  Some were just hanging on. Others were desperate to see a return in both capacity and demand. Most were optimistic that we'd weather this storm, like we have so many times in the past. 

That's why I feel like we need to say "thanks." "Thanks" to the excellent airlines that continue to serve our market with flights to cool places. A special shout out to AirTran Airways, US Airways and Frontier Airlines for actually investing additional resources in our market. In the end though, the airlines and the airport depend on loyal customers. So, "thanks" most of all to the many new and returning customers from throughout the Cleveland+ region. It is your support that truly makes Akron-Canton Airport a better way to go.