A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on November 12, 2009 by in General

AirTran adds FLL and MKE

Ok, can I just say it? Life is good! Our biggest carrier at CAK, AirTran Airways is growing again. This time, it's to Ft. Lauderdale (available now) and Milwaukee (commencing 1/5/10).

The appeal of Ft. Lauderdale is pretty obvious- sandy beaches, access to all of south Florida (Miami, Palm Beach, Key West), cool night life and warm temperatures. As old man winter approaches, this nonstop route becomes a real no-brainer. Plus, it compliments AirTran's other nonstop Florida flights from Akron-Canton to Orlando, Tampa and Ft. Myers.

On the surface, the Milwaukee flights may not seem quite as appealing. Hold your horse though, because Milwaukee is fast becoming a westbound hub for AirTran. So, beyond the totally fun things to do in Milwaukee itself, you have even more options for flights to places like LA, San Francisco, Phoenix, Minneapolis/ St. Paul, St. Louis and more.

Before Frontier Airlines arrived at CAK, westbound destinations were difficult and expensive. Now travelers from throughout the region have more options than ever. Frontier over Denver, Delta via Detroit, United over Chicago and now AirTran over Milwaukee.

So rejoice! New flights and more options will be yours in the New Year. Happy and travels to all.