A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted on January 7, 2010 by in Marketing

5,000 Facebook fans and counting!

Here's how we did it: TIME! We've invested almost three years of time into a Facebook presence and we take time to answer every comment or question posted by our fans.

CAK started using Facebook in 2007. That may not seem like that long ago but in 2007; MySpace was all the rage not Facebook. We searched Facebook for another airport and only found one in another country that was using Facebook. We created the Akron-Canton Airport group on Facebook in the fall of 2007. As other airports joined soon after, we now proudly claim the title, "First U.S. airport to use Facebook."

At first, we had about 100 members, then 200, then 400.We were thrilled to just reach 500. Little did we know, we would reach the thousands. It certainly helped that we've held contests and giveaways. We gained hundreds of followers by giving away free airline tickets and money off airline tickets. Also we have a great airport administration that takes Facebook seriously. This allows us to respond to every comment and do those kinds of giveaways. We've invited some of our Facebook friends to events and given away hundreds of luggage tags to Facebook fans in our terminal waiting for their flight. And above all that, it's just fun. We love talking with our fans!

So here's to all of our 5,000+ Facebook fans! And here's to all who ask us how we did it. It takes time – in our case – years – and a commitment to stick with it.