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A Better Way To Go Akron Canton Airport
Posted April 13, 2015 in Press Releases

CAKconstruction 2015-2016

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Entrance Road Redesign/Parking Improvements

Projects: Widening the entrance road around the front of the terminal and parking lot redesign/improvements.
Timeline: Beginning mid to late May 2015.
Will last approximately two years and completed in two phases:

Phase One
Includes a reconfiguration and widening of the entrance road (loop) around the front of the terminal.

Enhancements include:
-Make way finding easier and more accessible for Customers.
-Reduce congestion in the front of the building during peak travel times. 
Start: Spring 2015
End: Fall 2015

Phase Two
Includes major improvements and reconfiguring of the parking lots on the main campus of CAK.

Enhancements include:
-Adding 250 premium covered parking spots.
-Relocating short-term parking.
-Creating a more spacious car rental lot with easier access for Customers to return and pick up rental cars. 
Start: Spring 2016
End: Fall 2016