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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

All government agencies are required under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to disclose records requested by the public. Under the provisions of FOIA, government agencies are to make their records available. The Airport Authority may, however, withhold information pursuant to certain exemptions and exclusions in the statute.


Requests under FOIA for a copy of records can be made by any individual or public or private organization other than a federal agency.

Upon receipt, the Airport Authority will respond to the request within five business days after the request is received (that is, all issues regarding fees and the scope of the request are resolved).

All FOIA requests must be submitted in writing (US Mail, E-Mail, Fax):

Records can be viewed onsite during regular Airport Administrative Office hours 8:30am through 4:30pm Monday through Friday except for federal holidays.

By Mail:
ATTN: James Krum
Akron-Canton Airport
5400 Lauby Rd NW #9
North Canton, Ohio 44720

By E-Mail:

By Fax:
(330) 499-5176


Akron-Canton Airport

Public Information Request Policy

The Akron-Canton Airport will charge a reproduction fee for all valid Public Information and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests over 100 pages in length. The current fee will be calculated at $0.06 per black and white photocopy, which is the Airport’s current cost per copy. On an annual basis, the Airport Administration will review and make any necessary adjustments to the fee calculation to reflect changes in per copy costs. In addition, the Airport will also charge the exact postage and/or shipping costs associated with the information request to the entity making the request. The Airport shall receive the appropriate funds before dispersing the information to the requestor.

Employees preparing requested information can use a Request for Public Records Form as a template, which can be found in the Public Information Request folder in the Common Files. This form is a Microsoft Excel file that will calculate the total costs once the missing values are entered. The form can also be printed and filled out by hand.

A FOIA response must advise the requester of the records that the Airport Authority intends to disclose or to withhold, the exemption(s) authorizing the withholding (including a citation or summary of each exemption), and a strong justification for withholding the record(s). Normally the records to be disclosed will be provided with the response letter. If the records are not provided with the letter, an expected receipt date will be included in the letter.


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