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Akron-Canton Airport launches Social CAK on web site

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Green, OH: Do you happen to be one of more than 8 million Facebook members? Do you love to follow tweets? If so, you are in for a real tweat because Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and all of Akron-Canton Airport's social media activities are now easy to find and easy to join at Social CAK, a one-stop web portal unveiled today at

CAK has fully embraced web 2.0 innovations. Starting with the Blog Port in 2005, the airport has made social media a centerpiece of its communications strategy.As each new and interesting platform was introduced, CAK communicators embraced them in search of better ways to communicate with young tech-savvy customers and to offer more public accessibility to airport team members and managers. CAK uses social media to offer travel tips, to provide timely updates regarding airport conditions, to spread the word about great deals on airfare and to hold cool contests and giveaways of t-shirts, luggage tags and other travel related items.

"There is no question in my mind that social media is revolutionizing the way we communicate with one another," said Kristie VanAuken, Sr. Vice-President and Chief Marketing & Communications Officer. "Because of web 2.0 platforms, we for the first time, have the uncanny ability to delight tech-savvy travelers, to share in their experiences first-hand and to make our airport an even better way to go. Bringing all the elements together at Social CAK is a natural extension of our brand and our airport experience."

Additionally, until January 5, 2010, visitors to Social CAK can sign up to win $500 on Frontier Airlines. The spokesanimals- Griz, Jack and Foxy- were so excited about the launch of Social CAK that they convinced the airline to offer $500 to one lucky winner for a great trip to Denver or out west!

Social CAK includes:

The Prez Says (new) Join President & CEO Rick McQueen for a live chat on the third Wednesday of every month from 1 to 2 p.m. Ask what you'd like it's your airport.

Facebook Fan Page CAK was the first U.S. airport to form a Facebook group in October 2007. Now we have the largest following of any U.S. airport on Facebook with just under 5,000 fans. Become a fan for special offers and insider tips about travel.

@CAKairport on Twitter CAK's Twitter account has nearly 2,000 followers. Travelers tweet @CAKairport while at the airport and we post important updates and special offers. The Kbuzz, a word of mouth and social media marketing firm in New York, named Akron-Canton Airport one of the top 60 businesses on Twitter.

YouTube Channel CAK has more than 50 short videos detailing events and happenings. You can watch a vid about CAK2018, our 10 year capital improvement plan; see what customers really think about the airport or just watch planes take-off and land, you decide.

Flickr Hundreds of photos are available for the press, for airlines and for aviation enthusiasts to get a glimpse of what's happening at CAK. If you think about it, upload a pic of yourself the next time you're at CAK.

CAK in the news (new) A news feed of media coverage, related stories and press releases about the airport.

CAK Blogport (expanded) Inside CAK has been expanded to include five employee bloggers, each offering a unique and interesting take on the airport, aviation, airlines, customers, and all things CAK.

It's a Trip, written by Sr. Vice-President & CMCO, Kristie Van Auken continues to take readers on a quirky journey inside and out of the industry.Since its debut in 2006, It's a Trip has been one of the most viewed pages on the web site. Plus, Akron-Canton Airport was the first airport in the nation to offer a blog on its web site.


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Thank you to everyone who participated in our CAK Moms’ Tour! Experiencing the full airport process sure makes traveling with little ones easy-breezy. ✈️😃 #abetterwaytogo #cakairport #akron  #canton #akroncantonairport #travel #traveling #travelers #travelwithkids #airport #airportlife #airportfun #airportops #airportoperations #tsa #spiritairlines #americanairlines #unitedairlines #deltaairlines #readyforavacay #readyfortakeoff #ohio #ohioliving #travelingkids #letsgo #family #familytrip #momlife #travellife #tour

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Thank you to everyone who participated in our CAK Moms’ Tour! Experiencing the full airport process sure makes traveling with little ones easy-breezy. ✈️😃 #abetterwaytogo #cakairport #akron #canton #akroncantonairport #travel #traveling #travelers #travelwithkids #airport #airportlife #airportfun #airportops #airportoperations #tsa #spiritairlines #americanairlines #unitedairlines #deltaairlines #readyforavacay #readyfortakeoff #ohio #ohioliving #travelingkids #letsgo #family #familytrip #momlife #travellife #tour


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