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Akron Canton Airport Cak Happy Child Waits For Airplane

Akron-Canton Airport Rolls Out New TV Commercials

Download File: NEWCAKTVCOMMERCIALSr1-406.pdf

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Green, OH: Beginning this week, Northeast Ohio TV watchers will see a brand new Akron-Canton Airport TV commercial. The lovable but very misguided punch dummy returns as the central character in the first of three new ads. The clown doesn't know he has a choice in the matter, so he flies out of the "big airport" on a small jet, a common experience in Northeast Ohio. These commercials also feature airline products only available at Akron-Canton Airport; AirTran Airways and Frontier Airlines both of whom only fly big, spacious jets on every flight from the airport. "Akron-Canton offers something no big airport can- simplicity," said airport director Fred Krum. "We also offer exclusive low- fare airline service that passengers love. A great experience plus low fares make Akron-Canton a better way to go®." The ads can be viewed at /caktelevisioncommercials.htm.

The campaign builds on the original series of three spots that take place in a big congested and confusing airport environment. The new series follows dummy on his travels when he leaves the airport and boards a crowded small jet in a spot called "Bad Airplane." Poor dummy is bopped and scrunched during his flight. If only he would have had the sense to fly AirTran or Frontier from CAK! The second and third ads demonstrate the effects on you after flying from a big airport on a small jet. In "Massage" dummy is so uptight that he needs a relaxing massage to begin his vacation, just to calm down from the big airport experience.In "Meeting" dummy should have been on the top of his game at the important meeting but he is too frazzled from his trip through big airports. "This is the perfect extension of the dummy saga," said airport marketing director Kristie VanAuken. "There are clear benefits to using Akron-Canton and these TV commercials help us communicate the benefits in a clever and persuasive way."The commercials will air for the next 12-24 months.

Dave Derby and Randy DeMuesy, of Derby Brand Advertising in Akron conceived of punch dummy's newest adventures.Backyard Productions, of Los Angeles, California was in charge of film production as they were in 2004."Director Michael Chaves amplified the concepts through his visual story telling and cool aesthetic treatment of the film through a high-definition format," said Derby."These ads help complete the full beaten traveler experience of flying through a big airport." The new commercials can be viewed at /caktelevisioncommercials.htm. Send the new ads to a friend by simply clicking the "email to a friend" feature below each commercial screen capture.

The airport is currently in the third phase of the $60 million, five-year STAR expansion project, including a $24 million gate concourse and a new Shuffel Road interchange. The first two phases included longer runways, a new baggage claim wing, additional car parking and a food court with national brands. Additional airport information is available at Airport, a better way to go®.


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Who’s ready for an island vacay? 🌴 You’re just one-stop to the Bahamas when ya choose CAK! ☀️ Great photo from Anne Hanna flying into Nassau. 🗺 #motivationmonday #cakairport #abetterwaytogo #akroncantonairport #akron #canton #trysomethingnew #travel #traveling #travelers #travelgram #travelholic #travelphotography #instatravel #instatrip #instaaviation #travelblogger #travelgram #traveltheworld #bahamas #sunshine #island #islandlife #photooftheday #photography #aviation #resort #aviationphotography #nassaubahamas #vacayvibes #destination


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