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Keep track of your bag weight

Posted on July 02, 2012 11:45 am by in Customers

As we enter the dog days of summer when families are packing their bags to head to the airport, please keep in mind that a heavy bag can become a very expensive mistake. It can start your vacation with lots of money coming out of your pocket. Just like bag fees, the majority of airlines charge you for bags weighing over 50 pounds, and the charges can definitely be a budget buster. Fees from $50 to $150 on bags over 50 pounds are common. And if the bag is over 70 pounds, they escalate even more.

We offer free scales for you to check your bag at CAK. It’s at the unused ticket counter between AirTran and Delta, feel free to use it before you go to your airline ticket counter.

I suggest bringing an extra backpack or other bag that you could use in case your bag is overweight. This also comes in handy on the way home from your trip when you have those wet bathing suits to pack. Yep, I’m speaking from a $50 experience of my own!

We wish a wonderful holiday week ahead, travel safe, and travel smart!

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