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CAK Ranks 11th in the Affordability Index

Posted on July 19, 2012 10:00 am by in Marketing

Yippee, we’ve done it again!! Akron-Canton Airport has ranked as a top 15 “most affordable airport” for the third consecutive year. prepares this quick ticket study every June and produces the ranking. I like this analysis because it ranks real searches on a real booking site vs. aggregated data found in the US DOT quarterly airline airfare rankings (where we also do very well).  This year we came in at number eleven compared to fourteen in 2011, with an average fare of $349.  The value of flying CAK shines through in this study.

Low fares matter. They matter to each and every traveler seeking an affordable fare that will make their trip a reality- business or leisure. And no airport in Ohio has produced as big a savings as CAK; to the tune of $90 million annually.

I’ve made sure that “price” has been a key component of our brand for the past 15 years.  Of course, our brand cannot be sustained by low fares alone. A strong brand must differentiate you from your competition. So that’s why we are equally committed to offering a relaxing airport experience, helping our Customers enjoy traveling again.  Price + Experience= A better way to go®.  Simple isn’t it?

So this Affordability Index further validates our brand and our value to Northeast Ohio. No airport near CAK came even close to offering the same low fares. CLE came in at #93 ($650) and PIT at #46 ($490).

The arrival of Southwest Airlines on August 12th will further secure our place in the ranking and we couldn’t be more excited about our vibrant future

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