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What's new with CAK SoMe: T-shirt Tuesdays 2.0, Instagram photos & check-in deals!

Posted on April 10, 2012 12:00 am by in Marketing

Thanks to you, CAK's social media is rocking the CAK house!

You asked for it - and you got it - we brought back T-shirt Tuesdays! This was a very successful campaign we ran on our Facebook page last year. The problem was many of you really wanted our super cool Peace, Love and Happiness CAK tees and didn't get them. Well, we listened and brought it back to give you more of you the chance to win! Be sure to enter now on our Facebook page: Plans are to keep it going through May 8 awarding 10 winners every Tuesday.

Our fans have been doing an awesome job of capturing special CAK moments using Instagram. We've posted some of these photos for you to see above. Instagram is a popular photo sharing mobile app - so popular that Facebook just bought it! We've been seeing many of you taking Instagram photos while you're at the airport and sharing them via Twitter. Thanks for taking photos of our beautiful facility. You make CAK cool!

And finally, I have to mention our check-in deals. We've partnered with our concessions partner, MSE Branded Foods. They are offering some very cool specials for checking in on our Facebook page, Foursquare and our mobile site. So check-in the next time you're here. These specials change every month. My fave is the free Subway cookie! They bake them fresh every day and the smell of fresh-baked cookies fills the terminal.

That's all for now. Thanks for making CAK's social media THE place to be!

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2 days ago via Instagram

It’s #330ShirtDay today. Make sure to wear your CAK t-shirt at home. Don’t forget to share a pic of your destination tee with the hashtags #heyakron #heysummit #330ShirtDay


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