What is the Sunflower Program?

The Sunflower Program's purpose is to assist those traveling with hidden disabilities who may need a little extra patience, care, and explanation during their travel experience. The goal of implementing this program is to bring awareness to those with hidden, or invisible, disabilities and to remind airport staff to exercise extra compassion and empathy when working with these passengers and their families.

The Program utilizes Sunflower lanyards, bracelets, or pins worn by those with a disability as a route to discreetly identify themselves to the airport community that the individual wearing it has a hidden disability and might require additional assistance, extra time or patience.

While the program allows the airport community to provide an extra level of customer service care, wearing a lanyard does not guarantee fast-tracking through security or any other priority access. Passengers are still required to arrange any further special assistance needed with TSA and their respective airline directly.

Hidden Disabilities Program Akron Canton Airport Directory

Pick-Up Location(s)

  • Information Desk at the airport, next to Door 3.
  • Airline check-in desks
  • Notify info@akroncantonairport.com a minimum of 2 weeks ahead of time for delivery of the Sunflower item 

Other Accommodations We Offer

  • Accessible Toilet
  • Large Print
  • Seating Available
  • Accessible Parking Spaces
  • Assistance dog friendly (Pet Relief Area in the terminal)
  • Level access
  • Safe/Quiet Space (Sensory Room in the terminal)
  • Step-free access
  • Brail on elevator buttons
  • Interpreter Request Option (You can request an interpreter of any language from the Information Desk to assist in your airport experience)



How do I get a Sunflower lanyard, bracelet, or pin to identify my hidden disability?

Simply request one from (1) an airport employee at the Information Desk at the airport, which can be found next to Door 3, (2) an airline employee at a check-in desk, or (3) notify info@akroncantonairport.com a minimum of 2 weeks ahead of time for delivery.


Does it cost me anything as a traveler with a hidden disability?

The Sunflower lanyard, bracelet, pin, etc is complimentary from the airport.


What are hidden disabilities?

Hidden disabilities can fall under a wide range of categories, but essentially hidden disability is a term used for people who have a disability that is not visibly apparent or obvious.

These hidden disabilities may include autism, epilepsy, low vision or hearing loss, PTSD, dementia, depression, asthma, chronic pain, anxiety disorders, brain injuries, and many more. There are no hard limitations or prerequisites to those that are considered to have a hidden disability and varies person to person.


Do I need to say what my disability is to get one?

No, there is no need to disclose specifics on your disability in order to receive your Sunflower item. All that the individual themselves or the caretaker needs to do is make the request, no further information is necessary.


Are the staff trained to assist me if I have a lanyard, bracelet, or pin?

All airport staff within the terminal building, as well as the Airport Authority, have been trained on how to recognize and engage with those wearing a Sunflower identifier.


How can I learn more about this program?

Visit the Hidden Disability Sunflower Program website https://hiddendisabilitiesstore.com/us/


How can I find other places that also offer this program?

Utilize their Sunflower location finder tool on the home page of their website.


Any other questions that we didn’t identify?

Email info@akroncantonairport.com.