Tree of Life

Through Akron-Canton Airport’s mission to enrich the passenger experience through visually engaging works reflective of our community, local artist Lenny Spengler was commissioned to design the terrazzo flooring artwork surrounding you. The artwork, “Tree of Life”, is meant to be a timeless piece that best represents a “sense of place” of our local community. The depictions reflect the cultural heritage of the Akron-Canton region, while instilling a lasting impression on travelers, at the beginning and end of their journey. The artwork breathes new life to the space while creating a calming flow as guests move throughout the terminal.

The Tree of Life is comprised of 46 leaves, a number which commemorates the inception of the Akron-Canton Airport in 1946. The leaves identify important people, places, and events that have helped shape the Akron-Canton community through leadership, social responsibility, mentorship, and effective change. With a passion for their craft and inclusive, equitable mindset, the honorees have made significant contributions to the region in their own way. Some have sought to overcome social, environmental, and economic barriers, while others have promoted development of our institutions to make our region better for generations to come. Akron-Canton Airport is extremely grateful for their contributions.


Criteria for Akron-Canton Airport Terrazzo Flooring Art Honorees



Any notable person, company, place or significant event of the Akron-Canton regional community

Guidelines, considerations, and qualities for selection:

Leadership – A person, place or event that makes a significant historical contribution to building a sense of unity and purpose in the community. The honoree(s) demonstrated an ability to build stronger communities through promotion of personal growth, economic prosperity, or regional development

Social Responsibility - A person, place or event that assists others in improving their communities through volunteer programs and institutions, social groups, outreach centers and improves quality of life. The honoree(s) contributed to at least one community program or initiative with positive, measurable results of how they impacted participants of that community program or initiative

Mentorship – A person, place or event that demonstrates positive values and behaviors that influence others to emulate or aspire to. The honoree(s) has provided clear examples of mentorship or actionable elements that improved the lives of those in the community in a positive, meaningful way.

Change Agent – A person, place or event that influences or stimulates others to effect positive change through personal development, community impact or positive economic and social significance to the regional community. The honoree(s) have clear examples of their role as a change agent in the Akron-Canton region and beyond.