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The Akron-Canton Airport Capital Improvement Plan

CAK 2018 is our 10-year, $110 Million Capital Improvement Plan - the most ambitious capital improvement plan in our history.

"When you reach high, you've got to reach deep. It takes more than a plan to make significant improvements to an airport - it takes the commitment to see those plans through. And, thanks to the strong dedication of our Board of Trustees and the effort of our great CAK team, we will finish CAK 2018 on time and on budget." - Rick McQueen, President & CEO

CAK 2018

Ten-year capital improvement plan

1) Runway 5/23 Extension $65.8 million (complete)
Extend from 7,600 ft. to 8,200 ft | Upgrade safety area at north end. Relocate and install Instrument Landing System (ILS)

2) Expand Aircraft Parking and General Aviation Area $3 million (complete)
Enough space to park 2-3 Boeing 737-800 aircraft | Could serve as future deicing pad | New ramp space for private pilots

3) Replace Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Maintenance Facility $8.4 million (complete)
30,000 sq ft | Airfield management and weather center | Housing for two fire trucks & other heavy equipment

4) New Customs and Border Patrol Facility $1 million (complete)
International flights | Corporate and GA international flight checks

5) Expand Auto Parking Lots $13.7 million (in progress)
Up to 1,000 new spots | 50% added capacity | New entrance/exit booths | Covered premium parking

6) Widen Entrance Road $5 million (complete)
Add one automobile lane | Replace storm water and sewer lines

7) Expand Ticket Wing $2.5 million (complete)
150 extra ft of check-in space | More space for TSA baggage checks

8) Expand TSA Screening Area $3 million (complete)
5,000 additional sq ft | 25% more space | Screen 33% more people per hour | Relocate food court

9) Replace Existing Gate Concourse $30 million (in progress)
Expand concourse | More restrooms | New business club | More seating

10) Build new Port Green Industrial Park (complete)
180 acres | 10-12 business sites | Zoned 1-2 Limited Industrial & Commercial | Airport will lease te land | Partnership with City of Green and Summit County *based on real results of CAK International Park

Download a PDF of CAK 2018 here.


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