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Section Header Flying With Kids

Before your trip

  1. Consider the time of your flight, will it interfere with nap time or dinner time? Making small adjustments to nap time the day of may help.  
  2. Check the airport's website that you're flying into (especially connecting airports) to find the location of nursing rooms, family restrooms, play areas and restaurants that you may need while there.
  3. Decide if you want to bring a car seat onboard, if so you will need to purchase a ticket beforehand to guarantee the space. 
  4. Select your seat beforehand. If traveling with your partner, choose the aisle and window seat towards the back. Chances are if the flight is not full, the middle seat will remain open for a little extra room, or the person sitting there will be happy to switch seats with your partner.
  5. If letting your kids help you pack, make sure to double check the bags before leaving. Sometimes items get in there that may not check-out through security.

While at the airport

  1. Take advantage of the free shuttles in our economy and long-term parking lots. Drivers can help with strollers, luggage and other bulky items.
  2. Remember to check-in at the ticket counter with your little one especially if they're unticketed or you choose to check your stroller or car seat (both fly for free) if you prefer to pick them up at the baggage claim.
  3. CAK has family restrooms both pre and post gate screening. They’re easy to get in and out of even with strollers, plus step stools to help little ones reach the sink.
  4. Take advantage of play areas. CAK has a Step2® PlayPort with plenty of room for kids to play and get their energy out before boarding a flight.
  5. Past security checkpoint, near the play area, there is also a private breast feeding station for nursing moms on the move.
  6. Use CAK's free WiFi and power outlets to stream or recharge phones, tablets and other electronic devices for the trip.
  7. Let the kids stick their noses to the windows! Seeing the planes taxiing up to the gates is part of the fun!
  8. If you're nervous your little one will be sitting too long during pre-board, send one parent on to reserve over-head bin space while the other walks the child around while others board.

While on the plane

  1. Pack a bag of toys, books and snacks to keep your child occupied during the flight.
  2. Give your child a sucker, pacifier, bottle or nurse during takeoff to help alleviate pressure in their ears.
  3. Most aircraft is equipped with changing tables in the restrooms, check with your flight attendant. 
  4. When the pilot removes the seat-belt safety sign, feel free to walk up and down the aisle with your child if they want to move around.
  5. Don't stress out if your child gets a little fussy, most other people have been through it before!

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