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Section Header Flying With Kids

We know as parents, you've got a lot on your plate! So let us help you out by answering your questions about traveling with infants, babies and little ones. Below you'll find the most recent airline guidelines for flying with kids.


American Airlines

Nonstop to Charlotte, Chicago, Philadelphia, LaGuardia (NYC), Washington D.C.; One-stop global connectivity and easy connections to vacation destinations

Carry-on items

American Airlines allows each ticketed passenger a carry-on bag and personal item. Parents are allowed one carry-on diaper bag per child.

Breast pumps are considered an "assistive device" - therefor do not count as your personal item. You will be able to bring your pump tote, personal item and carry-on.

Strollers and car seats

Each ticketed customer is allowed 1 stroller. Only small, collapsible and light strollers (up to 20lbs) can be checked at the gate. Any stroller that weighs over 20lbs, is too large or is non−collapsible must be checked at the ticket counter.

Customers are allowed 1 stroller and 1 car seat per ticketed passenger. Both items may be checked at the ticket counter or one item can be checked at the gate and one at the counter. These items are checked at no charge, when traveling with a child or to adopt.

No ticket required

  • Held by an adult (lap child): A parent or any person 16 years or older may hold the infant in their lap, the infant must be included in the reservation by calling American Airlines reservations. International taxes and percentage of adult fare may apply.

Ticket required

  • Once a child has reached their second birthday, the child is required to have a purchased seat at an adult fare.
  • In a reserved seat: If your infant will travel in his or her own seat, you must buy a ticket and bring a safety seat approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).



Delta Air Lines

Nonstop to Atlanta and Detroit; One-stop global connectivity and easy connections to vacation destinations

Carry-on items

Children’s baggage allowances are based in part by the fare paid for their travel. See the guidelines below. 

  • Unticketed Infant/Child - If children are traveling for free, they don’t have a baggage allowance. So any baggage for the child counts as part of the adult's baggage allowance.
  • Ticketed infant/Child – Children with tickets with be allowed one personal item and one carry on item.

A breast pump tote will count as your free personal item (so if you have a purse separate, you will have to combine these two or put your purse in your carry-on item.)

Strollers and car seats

Children’s strollers and seat restraints are not counted as part of the standard baggage and therefore can easily be checked for free at the ticket counter or gate.

No ticket required
You may travel with one infant in your lap without purchasing a ticket if:

  • the infant is less than two years old, and
  • you are at least 18 years old or the infant's legal guardian, and
  • your travel is within the U.S.

If traveling with a non-ticketed infant/baby, call Delta reservations after you book your ticket to add them to your reservation.

Ticket required                                   
You'll need to purchase a ticket for your child when you:

  • have a child that is age two or older
  • have a child that turns age two during a trip — a reserved seat and ticket are required for the entire journey
  • prefer the child to sit in a seat with an approved restraint
  • have a second child, regardless of age and you already have a child who will be sitting in your lap
  • will be traveling between countries, regardless of whether or not the child occupies a seat



Spirit Airlines

Nonstop to Orlando, Ft. Myers, and Tampa. One-stop to vacation destinations like the Caribbean and Mexico.

Carry-on items

Breast pumps and baby formula are allowed to be carried onto an aircraft and don’t count against your carry-on allowance. Be sure to notify a TSA officer when going through the security check-in.

One diaper bag is permitted with each child at no additional charge.

Strollers and car seats

One stroller and one car seat per child will be checked for no extra cost at the ticket counter. You may also check these items at the gate. Spirit will have them waiting for you in your arrival city when you get off the aircraft.

No ticket required

  • From 7 days old until his/her second birthday (age 7 days to 23 months), a child is considered a lap child and does not need a paid seat; however, customers may opt to buy a seat for the infant if they prefer.
  • Spirit reserves the right to request documented proof of age for any traveler 2 years old or younger. Please be prepared to provide documentation (birth certificate, passport, etc.).

Ticket required

  • Customers can make a separate reservation for an infant; however, the infant must be securely placed in an FAA-approved child restraint system (car seat). Car seats may not be accommodated in any seat equipped with an inflatable seat belt. Additionally, car seats may not be secured in an exit seat or the row before or after the exit seats. 
  • Once a child has their second birthday (24 months and older), they are no longer considered a lap child and a seat must be purchased in order for them to travel. If a child has their second birthday between the outbound and return flight, a seat will need to be purchased for the return flight.



United Airlines

Nonstop to Chicago, Houston and Newark (NYC); One-stop global connectivity and easy connections to vacation destinations.

Carry-on items

Customers may carry the following infant and child articles on board, in addition to the maximum carry-on baggage allowance:

  • Diaper bag
  • Breast pump

Strollers and car seats

United accepts one stroller and one car seat free of charge for each child, including children under the age of two traveling on an adult's lap.

If requested by the customer, United can check strollers at the departure gate. United is not liable for damage to strollers. Customers cannot purchase excess valuation for strollers.

United does not reserve space for government-approved child seats, unless a ticket has been purchased for that seat. If space is available after boarding is completed, customers may use adjacent unused seats to secure the government-approved child seat. If space is not available after boarding is completed, the item must be stowed in an approved storage space.

 No Ticket Required

  • Children under the age of two traveling within the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands with a parent or with an adult 18 years or older can travel on the adult's lap free of charge.

Ticket Required

  • If there are two or more children under the age of two traveling with the same adult, only one of the children may travel as a lap child. Any additional children are required to have tickets for their own seats.
  • Once infants turn two years old, they are required to have a purchased ticket and occupy a seat. Infants who reach their second birthday after their outbound flight must have a purchased ticket and occupy a seat for their return flight(s).
  • If you prefer the child to sit in a seat with an approved restraint



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