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Common Questions

We know traveling can be stressful. To help make your trip more relaxing, we've assembled the following frequently asked questions; so you can get answers fast.

I have an elderly person flying out that will need special assistance.

How many carry-on items are allowed?

What are the phone numbers for CAK airlines?

What are the hours of operation for airport concessions and gift shops?

What hotels are near the airport and how do I reach them?

Where can I find an ATM?

What are the food & beverage options at CAK?

Where can I smoke inside the airport?

Where can I get tourism information about Northeast Ohio?

Do I have to pay for a checked bag?

Can I use a ride share program like Uber or Lyft from Akron-Canton Airport?

How can I retrieve my boarding pass?

Can I escort a person with special needs to their flight?

How do I request a wheelchair or other assistance for an elderly or disabled passenger or for a child traveling alone?

How can I advertise my company in the Akron-Canton Airport terminal?

How do I get to the Akron-Canton Airport?

What type of documentation is required for minors without a valid form of identification?

Does the airport offer Internet access?

Where do I go for lost baggage?

What items can I bring through the security line?

How can I check on a flight's status?

What identification is required to clear security?

How do I contact airport Lost & Found?

Does the airport offer luggage-storage facilities?

How can I have someone paged in the terminal?

With the new security measures, may I still drop off a passenger for a flight?

How do I obtain additional information not found on the website?

I just want to pick up, drop off a passenger. Do I still have to pay for parking?

Is the airport still going forward with its $110-million Capital Improvement Plan, CAK 2018?

What is CAK Fast Pass and how do I get one?

What time does checkpoint screening close?

How early should I arrive for my flight?

Where can I get a taxi?

May I park, even for a few minutes, in front of the terminal?

What are the different types of parking?


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