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Akron Canton Airport Cak Terminal

Akron-Canton Airport airfares #19 best in US; reaches more than 1.6 million passengers

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Green, OH: Who doesn’t like low average fares and a relaxing airport experience? More and more travelers are saying yes to that combo platter at Akron-Canton Airport (CAK). As a matter of fact, CAK ranked 19th cheapest, out of the top 100 airports in the U.S., in the Q2 2011 Bureau of Transportation Statistics ranking. That is better than Cleveland (#90), Columbus (#35), and Pittsburgh (#24). 
And what’s more, 2011 was the busiest year in our history. A total of 1,664,397 Customers traveled to and from CAK in 2011 beating the old record set in 2010 by more than 101,366 people – a 6.5 percent increase. Additionally, the month of December 2011 was also our best with more than 142,653 total passengers flying CAK, a 13 percent increase compared to the same month last year. We broke passenger records ten out of 12 months in 2011. For the decade, passenger figures have doubled.
“I wish I could thank every one of our 1.6 million Customers personally,” said Rick McQueen, president and CEO. It is a privilege to serve so many Customers with our low fares and relaxing airport experience. You can expect more of the same in 2012.”
Nearly every carrier saw an increase in total passengers for the year including AirTran Airways, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southwest Airlines, growing 10 percent with 807,911 passengers; Delta carrying 325,365, a five percent increase; US Airways carrying 240,792, an nine percent increase; and Frontier Airlines grew seven percent with 167,143 passengers. And although United Express passengers were down compared to 2011, the carrier still carried a robust 83,144 passengers for the year.


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Where are you headed on this beautiful #FlyDay Friday? #cakairport #delta #enjoythejourney #enjoytheweekend #flycak #travel #aviation #avgeeks #repost @the_flying_jalapeno

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Where are you headed on this beautiful #FlyDay Friday? #cakairport #delta #enjoythejourney #enjoytheweekend #flycak #travel #aviation #avgeeks #repost @the_flying_jalapeno


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