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Akron Canton Airport Cak Woman Looks At United Plane On Runway

Akron-Canton Airport has best November of all-time

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Green, OH: Did you know that oxygen, needed for all life, has an atomic number of eight? Like oxygen, customers keep things alive at Akron-Canton Airport (CAK). In November, more than 128,000 customers traveled to and from Akron-Canton, making it the airport's busiest November of all time. That figure was up 11 percent compared to 2009 and beat the airport's previous best November which was in 2005 by more than 10,000 passengers. For the first eleven months of the year, more than 1,436,000 passengers traveled to and from CAK, an eight percent increase compared to 2009. Eight monthly passenger records have been shattered this year.

"Eight has replaced seven as our lucky number," said Rick McQueen, president and CEO. "We feel so blessed to be the trusted point of departure for so many new customers. All I can say is 'thanks for giving us the opportunity to earn your business.' We will work hard to keep them coming back in 2011 with exceptional fares, a relaxing airport experience and a higher level of engagement using social media tools like Facebook and Twitter."

Nearly every carrier at CAK experienced an increase in November. AirTran Airways was up a whopping 12 percent compared to the same month last year. Plus, new flights to Milwaukee that AirTran Airways offers in partnership with SkyWest Airlines added another 4,000 passengers. US Airways was up 45 percent. Frontier Airlines and United Express were up eight and seven percent respectively.


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Wishing we could stare at this all day! Thanks for sharing, Adrienne Gressel! #cakairport #coveredparking #parkingperks #cottoncandysky #abetterwaytogo

2 days ago via Instagram

Wishing we could stare at this all day! Thanks for sharing, Adrienne Gressel! #cakairport #coveredparking #parkingperks #cottoncandysky #abetterwaytogo


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