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Frontier Airlines relocates ticket counter at Akron-Canton Airport

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Green, OH: Starting this week, Grizwald the Bear, Larry the Lynx, Jack the Rabbit and the rest of the Frontier Airlines' gang have a new home at Akron-Canton Airport. The carrier's new ticket counter location has been moved three positions to the north. Although Flip thought the counter should have moved to the "south" and Griz preferred the "pacific northwest," the decision for station Manager Cass Tyson was easy since it will give passengers more room to roam and allow for dedicated TSA baggage screening services.

"Although the animals weren't in total agreement about where to move the counter, we are confident that Frontier customers will love the extra space," said Rick McQueen, President & CEO. "Frontier has provided exceptional low-fare service to Denver and the west since 2005, aboard big comfy Airbus jets. The new ticket position allows Frontier employees greater flexibility to extend their award-winning customer service to CAK passengers."

To find Frontier's new ticket counter, simply come in any airport entrance and turn right. The ticket counter is the northernmost position at easy-to-use CAK. Frontier arrivals and departures will continue as always from gate 11.


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Fluffy clouds and blue skies at CAK! Photo credit: @harrison_a_miller #planespotting #avgeek #aviation #theviewfromhere #cakairport

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Fluffy clouds and blue skies at CAK! Photo credit: @harrison_a_miller #planespotting #avgeek #aviation #theviewfromhere #cakairport


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