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Public statement regarding lawsuit against CAK by Pine Creek Allotment Resident

Download File: publicstatement-1006.pdf

Monday, April 07, 2008

Contact(s): Rick McQueen, Assistant Director and Kristie VanAuken, Director Marketing & Communications 330-499-4059


Public statement regarding lawsuit filed against Akron-Canton Airport Authority by Pine Creek Allotment Resident

The Akron-Canton Airport Authority is a government entity whose sole purpose is to provide commercial, private and military flight options for benefit of the community. A vital component of our aviation infrastructure is, of course, our runways.

In accordance with a Federal Aviation Administration mandate to correct the runway safety area at the end of runway 5 and to enhance the public benefit of enhanced flight options to any location in the continental United States, the airport is extending its primary runway 5/23 from 7,600 to 8,200 feet.The project is being funded by the Federal Government's Airport Improvement Program and will cost approximately $60 million when complete.

Contrary to the allegations of the complaint, the Airport is not engaged in any "strip mining" or "surface mining".Rather, as part of the FAA-approved plans for the construction the runway extension, the Airport is simply engaged in the moving of fill dirt on Airport-owned property.This activity is necessary for the runway extension project and will substantially reduce the overall cost of the project and speed up the job's completion. The Airport Authority has neither commercial interest in nor usage for any of the fill materials outside of the 5/23 runway extension and safety upgrade.

Because the Airport Authority values its relationship with all its neighbors, however, the Airport Authority has voluntarily agreed to restrict the hours of daily construction, to create a 100-foot buffer for the Pine Creek residents bordering airport property, and to landscape the affected area upon job completion. The accommodations were discussed during public meetings held prior to the commencement of runway construction.

The Airport Authority strongly believes that its current runway extension project is necessary, proper, and lawful and is fully prepared to defend its interests in a court of law.



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Awesome photo @k_darlington! Another picturesque setting @cakairport. Sunset πŸŒ… #cakairport #betterwaytogo #planespotting #avaition #sunset


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