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Akron-Canton Airport Unveils CAK 2018, 10-year, $110 Million Capital Improvement Plan

Posted on 03/12/2008

Download File: CAK2018releasePDF-890.pdf


Wednesday, March 12, 2008



Kristie Van Auken                                                                -or-                          Rick McQueen

Director, Marketing & Communications                                                       Assistant Airport Director

kvanauken@akroncantonairport.com                                                           rmcqueen@akroncantonairport.com

Ak- 330.896.2376   Can- 330.499.4059   Cell: 330-936-2027                               


Akron-Canton Airport Unveils CAK 2018 10-year, $110 million Capital Improvement Plan

Green, OH: The airport authority today unveiled CAK 2018 the most ambitious capital improvement plan in Akron-Canton Airport's history. The 10-year, $110 million plan calls for 10 vital projects in the next 10 years. From a major runway extension to a new customs and border patrol facility to accommodate international flights, the projects announced today will create new flight options for travelers in northeastern Ohio, the Cleveland+ region.

"Our new 10-year plan is in keeping with our vision of making CAK a better way to go," said Rick McQueen, assistant airport director. "The facilities we build will enhance our airfield operations and give us more runway length for longer flights. CAK is committed to being a vital regional transportation asset; with great airline service and world class facilities to serve travelers."

Akron-Canton Airport doubled passenger ridership from 2000 to 2006, largely because of new flights added by low fare juggernauts AirTran Airways and Frontier Airlines. Also during that time, CAK represented 20% of all air travel growth in the state of Ohio. To support that growth the airport wrapped up its STAR (Soaring with Terminal, Access and Runway improvements) plan in October of 2006. STAR included a runway extension, a new six gate concourse, more food and gift options, expanded baggage claim, and triple the car parking.

CAK 2018 is the beginning of a new era of development and vision for the Akron-Canton Airport.

"Because of our low fares and excellent service, we now welcome 1.4 million passengers every year," said Kristie Van Auken, marketing & communications director. "Our goal is to make each one of them feel at home at CAK. This ambitious plan will focus on the customer experience first and foremost."

First on deck is the runway extension. That project began in 2006 and is expected to be complete by late 2010. Other close-in projects include the site analysis for the new aircraft rescue and firefighting facility. Also, the airport is currently working with the City of Green to apply for funding for the Port Green Industrial Park, so we can begin creating more jobs for the region. Most airfield projects will be funded by grants from the federal Airport Improvement Program and Passenger Facilities Charges. Additional information about CAK 2018 can be found on the airport web site www.akroncantonairport.com.

10 PROJECTS OF CAK 2018Akron-Canton Airport's 10 Year Capital Improvement Plan

Finish Runway 5/23 ExtensionRunway 5/23 will be extended from 7,600 ft. to 8,200 ft. This means CAK passengers will be able to fly farther non-stop to anywhere in the U.S. and throughout Mexico and Canada. The safety area at the north end of the runway will be upgraded and our Instrument Landing System will be relocated. Cost: $60 million

Expand Aircraft Parking and General Aviation Area

This will give us enough space to park 2-3 more Boeing 737-800 aircraft and could serve as a future deicing pad. A new ramp also will be built for private pilots. Cost: $5 million

Replace Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Maintenance Facility (ARFF)

A new 30,000 sq. ft. building will be built on a new site replacing our 30-year-old facility. It also will be an airfield management and weather center and house two fire trucks and other heavy equipment like snow plows and mowers. Cost: $5 million

New Customs and Border Patrol Facility

The customs and border patrol facility is currently slated to replace our fire fighting facility (ARFF) because it is so close to customer parking lots. It will act as its own terminal for international arriving flights. It will house a customs check point and baggage claim area. International flights will depart from our main terminal building. Cost: $3.65 million

Expand Auto Parking Lots

Up to 1,000 new spots will give the parking lot increased capacity by 50%. Cost: $2.5 million

Widen Entrance Road

One more lane will be added to make dropping off or picking up passengers even easier. Storm water and sewer lines will be replaced beneath the road. Cost: $5 million

Expand Ticket Wing

A new counter with three tickets position will be added as well an extra 150 ft. of check-in space. The expansion will also add more space for baggage make-up and TSA baggage checks. Cost: $2.5 million

Expand TSA Screening Area

We will add 25 percent more space or up to 5,000 additional sq. ft. so we can accommodate an additional screening lane. That means that 33 percent more people could be screened per hour. The food court will be relocated to the other side of the main concourse to allow for the extra room. Cost: $3 million

Expand New Concourse

Our new upper level concourse completed in 2006 will be extended by 300 ft. That provides for three more gates, a new business club, 300 more seats, a glass atrium and more restrooms. Cost: $18 million

Build new Port Green Industrial Park

Partnering with the City of Green, we will apply for a grant from the State of Ohio's Job Ready Site Program to develop Port Green, a continuation of the already successful CAK International Business Park. The 213 acres will be developed into 10-12 business sites bringing up to 1,000 high paying jobs to northeast Ohio. Other potential regional economic impacts include $45 million in real property tax, $20 million in personal property tax and a $30 million annual payroll. Cost: $6 million

About Akron-Canton Airport (CAK)

Akron-Canton Airport (CAK) offers the lowest average fare of any Ohio airport and nonstop flights to 13 destinations aboard six commercial air carriers including AirTran Airways, Delta Connection, Frontier Airlines, Northwest Airlink, United Express and US Airways Express. In 2007, the Akron-Canton Airport received the Service Brand Promise award as part of the first annual Five Star World Class Customer Service Awards presented by SBN magazine. Akron-Canton Airport, a better way to go.

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