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Go get'em, Tiger!

Free WiFi, free printing, a quiet place to free your mind and focus. Take advantage of our free Ohio Desk Business Center to hone that presentation and get the deal done!

Go get'em, Tiger!
13 non-stop destinations.

Get your vitamin D

Sun, glorious sun! Good for your health, good for your spirits, and a good deal of the bright stuff is found throughout our open, airy, cheerful concourse!

Get your vitamin D

Who needs peanuts? You have Amish Granola!

At the CAK Marketplace, you'll find all sorts of unique, locally
produced food and merchandise to bring along on your trip.


Now boarding for Nirvana


That's what you'll do through check-in and security, thanks to our shorter lines. (We get you
from car to gate 40% faster, in fact). My, oh, my, what a wonderful day!


Travel Tips

Let us help you relax before your next trip from Akron-Canton Airport, a relaxing alternative to Cleveland Hopkins. Use these simple tips to prepare for a better traveling experience.

What should I do before I leave home? Closed Open

1. The night before your trip, put medications and important documents (reservation numbers, hotel and car rental information) in your carry-on bag.

2. Print your boarding pass from your home computer to save time at check-in.

3. Don’t wrap gifts. Or Security personnel will have to unwrap them during screening.

4. If you will have any firearms in your checked luggage, call your airline to let them know.

5. Wear slip-on shoes. It will speed your trip through gate screening.

6. Before locking the front door behind you, check www.akroncantonairport.com for arrival and departure information.

7. Plan to arrive at the airport 60 to 90 minutes before your departure time.

What should I do when I get to the airport? Closed Open

1. If you didn’t print your ticket at home, now’s the time to do it at a self-service kiosk.

2. Check luggage at the ticket counter prior to going to gate screening. Do not lock your luggage.

3. Declare any firearms located in your checked luggage.

4. Please only take one carry-on and one personal item (like a purse, laptop or bag).

5. Once at gate screening, remove your laptop from its case.

What if I'm traveling with very young children? Closed Open

Courtesy of www.flyingwithkids.com

1. Ask your airline for a discounted fare. Some offer up to 50 percent off for children less than two years of age.

2. Pack a bag of toys and snacks to keep your child occupied during the flight.

3. Most airports have family restrooms with changing tables and space for strollers.CAK has family restrooms both pre and post gate screening.

4. Dress your child in distinctive clothing to avoid losing him in crowded airport lobbies.

What to do if you've got long legs? Closed Open

Request an exit row or bulkhead seating, where there's more room to really stretch out and relax.

How can you help prevent getting a stiff back? Closed Open

In two words: lumbar support. Maybe you need more of it. So keep in mind that the pillow might do more good behind your back than behind your head.

Why does yawning make my ears feel better? Closed Open

Rapid altitude change effects air pressure, and if the middle ear pressure isn't equalized, the air already in there creates a vaccuum that stretched the eardrum inward. Ouch! So it's the Eustachian tube (in your ear) to the rescue! Opening it wide enough lets in more air to equalize the pressure. And the best way to do that is by opening up your mouth with a big yawn.

Does chewing gum really work? Closed Open

Sure does. Chewing makes you swallow more often, which also activates the muscle that opens that good ol' Eustachian tube of yours.

What to do if you're sitting next to a chatty-Kathy. Or Ken. Closed Open

If the earphones or pretending to sleep doesn't stop 'em, then every time they speak, turn to face them with your mouth agape and eyes wide open while taking grip of their forearm and squeezing very tightly, as if you just can't wait to hear what's next. Do this every time they speak. Every time. (Of course, you could give up and make a new friend.)

How to get someone to switch seats so you can sit with your buddy. Closed Open

Asking nicely usually works. Of course, you could always bribe them with a blanket. Or give your obuddy the signal to start breathing heavilyl while nervously fingering his airsickness bag.

How to ask for the food that the guy sitting next to you didn't want. Closed Open

Inform him that you're a proud member of the Clean Plate Club and would be more than glad to help him out. Or tell him you'll do a trick - like sit up and beg.

The best way to get comfortable in any seat. Closed Open

The window seat is easiest. You've got the wall right there to lean your head against. And in the aisle seat, you can always stretch your legs out into the walkway. But if you're between the two, it's important to claim both armrests the moment you get on the plane, since, stuck there in the middle seat, leaning back with your elbows propped up is about the best you can help for.

What to do when the person in the aisle seat is asleep and you need to use the bathroom? Closed Open

Remember first that the sickness bag is NOT an option. If you're too shy to give a gentle tap on the shoulder or an "excuse me" in the ear, hit the stewardess call button so she wakes him up.

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