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8 Steps to a Cheaper Flight

Posted on June 12, 2017 12:00 am by in Customers

8 Steps to a Cheaper Flight

We hear it all the time, “When is the best time to book the cheapest flight?”

The answer isn’t as simple as “5:56 p.m. on a Tuesday night”, and it’s actually not so much about the time you book as the travel itself.

Here are the top 8 ways you can save big on your next flight:

1. Book early

Rule of thumb: book at least 21 days before your flight. The earlier you book, the better the deal. Fares begin to creep up the closer to the travel date, especially a week out as airlines charge a premium for last-minute bookings.

2. Book off-times

Friday-Sunday is the prime time to fly to favorite vacation destinations like Myrtle Beach and Las Vegas (especially Vegas) so airlines charge more based on demand. Choose to fly out on a Tuesday or Wednesday and you’ll increase your chances of scoring the lowest fare.

3. Book combo packages

Another way to save is to book a flight and hotel together. Airlines and hotels partner to offer some of the best deals when booked together, it helps them drum up business while helping you save some bucks.

(Bonus tip: Back to our last point about off-times, the same rings true for hotel stays. The most expensive dates for hotels go hand-in-hand with flights.)

4. Book low cost carriers

When flying to leisure destinations, look for a low cost carrier option like Spirit. They offer a no-frills base fare so you only buy what you need (anything outside of a back pack and ride.) That means you’re not paying a higher fare for pretzels and water. Sure, you’ll need to pay for luggage, but the fares are low enough that the extra cost still factors to be less than the “big guys”.

5. Pack light

Be efficient in your packing. By layering or planning ahead for the long weekend, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of luggage you need, there for reducing the amount spent on a bag. (Big carriers are starting to charge for carry-ons with their “basic” fares now, so read the fine print.)

6. If you need to pack more, purchase bags online and early

Can’t travel with less than 3 pairs of shoes? That’s fine, it won’t break the bank. Just book your luggage at the same time as your ticket. Not to mention it’s one less task you need to worry about when you’re prepping for an epic trip.

7. Booking more trips in the future? Join the club

Whether you join the frequent flyer miles club or the fare club, you’ll be signing up to save on purchases you’re going to make any way. For example, signing up for Free Spirit Miles and the $9 Fare Club will rack in points towards a free flight while giving you access to lower-than-lowest fares.

8. Sign up for sale alerts

Don’t like clubs or rewards programs? Okay, okay, you have one more option for finding the lowest fares and that’s signing up for daily or weekly sale alerts. You’ll see an email with a gimmicky subject line, but savings are savings and many of these deals won’t come to you otherwise.

Save money on travel so you can have more fun while you’re there. Find more ways to save on

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